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Access Control Systems- Key Cards

Access Control Systems – Fobs and Key Cards for Manitoba Businesses

Rather than locks, most businesses prefer to use access control systems for their offices, warehouses and other facilities. Redecopp Security is based in Winnipeg, and we install access control systems in commercial properties throughout Manitoba. Some systems use a fob or key card, while others use a numerical code. These use an electric strike lock on the door.


Advantages of Card Access Systems

For businesses, particularly those with many employees, control access systems have many advantages over a tradition lock-and-key system. These include:

  • Controlling who goes where and when

  • Keeping a log of when and where cards are used

  • Locking and unlocking doors at pre-programmed times

  • Restricting specific areas of a building to specific people

  • No need to change locks when a card is lost or an employee leaves

  • Cards can act as employee IDs


Is an access control system right for your building? If so, contact Redecopp Security with questions or to schedule your installation. We offer a 1-year warrantee on all of our work.

24/7 Emergency Service for Access Control Systems
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