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Redecopp Security Door And Frame Repair

Winnipeg’s Source for Door and Frame Repair and Replacement

Security starts with your door. When you need to secure your home or commercial property against intruders, the first step is making sure that your door and its frame aren’t damaged. At Redecopp Security in Winnipeg, we work with both wooden doors and metal doors (steel or aluminum), and we frequently replace the hinges when performing a repair. We work across Manitoba and our services include:

Residential Door Repair

To keep your family safe, it’s important to call us immediately if your door or its frame breaks. Residential doors are typically made out of either wood or aluminum.

Commercial Door Repair

We work with a range of doors that are frequently used for businesses. Typically, commercial doors are made out of steel or aluminum; steel doors are the best, because it can be welded, meaning that parts of a door can be cut out and replaced without compromising its strength. (This isn’t the case with wood or aluminum.)

Automatic Operators

We also work with swing door operators, which open automatically when someone walks in or out and are popular in retail stores.

Welding Hinges

We’re often called to repair hinges due to a gust of wind swinging a door back and damaging the hinges. This can also happen when someone has put a wedge in the door and tried to close it.

Window Cutting

If you want a window cut into a door, we can provide the whole service from start to finish. We’ll do the initial cutting through to installing the glass and making sure that it is secure and insulated.


For door repairs, call Redecopp Security. We’re based in Winnipeg and we offer 24/7 after-hours service in cases of emergency.

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